Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hats - Proud to be part of this great British tradition!

Following this weekends wonderful Diamond Jubilee celebrations, at which I must say the Queen looked amazing!  The UK seems to be embracing what it means to be British.  Hats of course are a great British tradition and go hand in hand with the British monarchy.  I thought there were some wonderful creations on display during the weekend and I simply loved the Duchess of Cambridge's vibrant red outfit!

With this in mind I am proud to be a part of this traditional British craft!  To work as a hatter is both challenging and rewarding.  It's been a busy month at Sara Gadd Millinery and hats have been flying off their blocks!  I love this time of year when there is many a Hatty occasion and weddings are of course in full swing.

With the Jubilee in mind, last month I took part in the Talent House Dillon Wallwork and Hatalk competition to design a hat inspired by the Diamond Jubilee. 

This was my creation "Jubilation" which was inspired by the UK flag.
Although the hat didn't win, I was thrilled to see "Jubilation" was well received and constantly remained in the top 15 throughout the voting period!  Thank you for your support and kind comments!

Swirling Rose Picture Hat
Bias Rose Saucer Headdress
Sara Gadd Millinery has been out and about and recently during a beautiful weekend, when the sun was shining gloriously, Sara travelled to Whitehaven, the pretty little port town on the west coast of Cumbria.  Here she teamed up with Anita Collow Photographer and Laura Wilkins MUA for an out door photo shoot.  Having met a couple of months earlier at a wedding fair in Carlisle, it was suggested the three meet for a collaborative shoot and here are a few of the results!

Fabulous 50 Quill Hat

Vintage Brooch Headdress

This weekend Sara will be visiting a local garden festival with the view to attending next year and over the coming weeks its busy with commissions, workshops and the forth coming Gloucester Hat Festival in Gloucester on 13th & 14th July...more info on this to follow!

So bye for now and for all things hatty contact Sara at and visit our FaceBook Page! 

Head wear: Sara Gadd Millinery
MUA: Laura Wilkins
Photography: Anita Callows
Models: Greta Kelly & Donna Fox

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