Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Vintage Hats & Fashion 1979 into 1980

The year is 1979, December 1979, the location Chicago USA.

Putting myself in Mum's shoes this time 30 years ago, she was living high up in Lake Point Tower, Chicago, a new Mum; I had just been born on 25th December 1979.

Why am I doing this?

Back in 2010, (slightly less glamorously), I have been attempting to clear out the chaos that is the junk cupboard!
I've stumbled across some vintage magazines, L'Officiel USA The Magazine of International Fashion, issues October 1979, Holiday Issue 1979 and February 1980.
Ok some may think???!  But for others, myself included, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of fashion 30 years ago!
Here are some of the vintage fashion images from the magazines.

The 'Fresh and sporty Looks from the New York Collections' look positively ancient!

...While other images could almost be from today.

Just look at the shoulders on this jacket !
Hats were still quite a feature in various different styles, mainly small cocktail styles, very elegant and chic.
The influences in todays fashion are clear to see.

Hope you've enjoyed the escapism!

(The cupboard clear out will have to wait for another day!)

Wonder what we'll be wearing in another 30 years time?

Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year, New Hats, New Hen Parties - New you!

At Sara Gadd Millinery I am currently sewing away making new hats, headdresses and fascinators for Spring/Summer 2010. With beautiful hand made silk flowers, frivolous feathers and luxurious silks there's something for everyone!

January...a fresh start, a new out look...time to focus on all the things you've been putting off...time to try new things.
I find being a milliner a rewarding job, getting to meet all kind of new people each week, helping them the find the perfect headwear for their special day.

I often hear people have been searching all over for something special to finish off their outfit. People are looking for an individual unique creation, something a little more chic than the traditional Mother-of-the bride look or high street design.

If that's you then you've found the right place! I can create an original design to compliment your overall look. We welcome you into the studio in Corby Hill where there are hats and fascinators to try during a relaxed, private consultation. Here we discuss your ideas and find a style you are happy with. Alternatively if you are further away, designs can be ordered through the website and arranged over the phone and via email. Visit

We also offer ‘Hattie Hen Parties’ for a hen party with a difference from our studio in Corby Hill, Carlisle, Cumbria.  They are suitable for groups of six in the room pictured below.  You can choose colours and styles before hand so you can match your outfits for the big day or the party before.  Why not try something new and alternative?!

We hope to see you soon!