Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Viking Inspired Hats - Grampus Workshop

Sara Gadd Millinery has been out and about again .....!

... I spent the start of this lovely sunny week working at Grampus in Threapland, Wigton, Cumbria, with a lovely group of hard working Romanian students.

This time we have been inspired by Vikings!
Expect to see Viking inspiration in my forthcoming autumn/winter collection, here's a hint of what to expect! (Here's my creation above!)

Working with hand made felt, natural fabric, yarns and fur we created a simplistic collection of contemporary Viking headwear!

We also had the luxury of working with David Watson of Moor Forge, who created fabulous Viking inspired brooches.

The hats will be worn with Viking inspired outfits. The students are in England working towards this project for four weeks and so far they seem to be having fun!

A great start to the week and a welcome break from the norm!

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