Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Akrotiri Basket Weaving

The women of Akrotiri have been basket makers through the years.

We visited a traditional basket maker in the Cypriot village of Akrotiri.

This traditional way of life is now endangered due to dwindling trade, and the traditional craft is at risk of disappearing.

The baskets were once used in cheese making and for olive pressing along with other traditional uses,however plastic equivalents are now replacing these beautiful items.

Projects like this are trying to ensure traditional ways
do not vanish all together and it is up to us all to help and support in any way we can.

Perhaps finding new uses and purposes for the baskets in today's modern society, be it functional or decorative, is a way forward. After all the baskets would look perfectly at home in any traditional or contemporary interior and mass produced copies simply do not compair.
Thank you for taking a few moments to see how we learnt about this traditional way of life and think how you might possibly help support their work.

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